WEBLAB New Zealand

A view from Belmont to Sky Tower at night

photo services

Customer-supplied photographs, negatives or slides will often suffice for Web page images if they are sharp and properly exposed. Some customer-supplied photos can be improved or manipulated using professional imaging software, i.e. PhotoShop.

You may decide to give your site a competitive edge by using professionally created photos. Consider using the services of our internationally published staff photographer to add professionalism to your Web site. All photographic services are charged on an hourly basis.

QuickTime VR™ enables viewers to explore virtual worlds using nothing more than a computer and mouse - no cumbersome goggles, headsets or gloves required. More information and samples from Apple® here.

  • photorgraphy film/digital
  • scaning
  • image editing
  • image optimization
  • QuickTime VR™ presentations


video services

From simple video format conversations: DV to MPEG-1/2/4, Windows to Mac formats, any kind of video tape to CD/DVD...
To extended video editing and a complete movie creating, DVD authoring and mastering...
We can also create and optimized a short movies for online or mobile product or service presentation to attract your potential clients.

  • movies shooting
  • video editing
  • video optimization
  • video format conversation
  • DVD/VCD authoring
  • DVD mastering
  • TV commercial