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designing of a website

The number of new web sites being added to the World Wide Web is astronomical. For that reason it is important that a web site describes products, services or organizations clearly, memorably and in a professional manner. It should load quickly, be visually compelling to help hold visitor's interest and be well organized and easy to navigate. We work closely with our customers to design attractive, fast loading and consistently arranged web sites where information can be found quickly and easily.

If desired, we will design web sites in their entirety with minimum client consultation. However we prefer to have client input in the form of suggested text, existing logos, brochures, and graphics from which to build an effective web page and one that continues existing advertising themes.

We offer the "Standard web package" for simpler sites and the "Custom" web site designing for more complex sites with multiple pages. Some customers prefer to start with the Standard Package and in time have it modified to a Custom site. Our full complex of design and formatting services include: graphic design, photographic & scanning services, HTML coding, autoresponders, image mapping, cascading style sheets, visitor counters, customer input forms, tables, frames, animated graphics, Flash, PHP scripting, MySQL online database support and more. Visit our Clients Page to see a portfolio of our current clients.

  • a unique easy to remember design
  • well organized and easy to navigate
  • load quickly
  • latest standards and technologies
  • Active Content delivery
  • Content Management Systems
  • RSS syndication
  • continues existing advertising themes
  • "Standard web package" - fast start, inexpensive solution, professional look

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